Is Adult Foster Care the Best Choice for Your Family Member?

For parents and other family members of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, the decision between keeping their relatives at home or welcoming them into an adult foster care home is a difficult one. Below are some tips that can help guide families through this very important decision.


What is adult foster care?
Adult foster care places your loved ones in a home-based environment surrounded by medical professionals and direct care staff who can help them with their everyday needs. Residents at adult foster care homes are provided with their own personal living space.

If your family member has regular issues with emotional outbursts that are difficult to manage at home, or needs help with daily self-care such as: Meal preparation, eating, cleaning, bathing, dressing, and managing medications, adult foster care may be an option to consider, depending on the resources available at home to offer support. Adult foster care homes also offer the security needed by families whose loved ones are prone to wandering or self-harm.


Benefits of Adult Foster Care
One benefit of your loved ones joining an adult foster care home offers is increased independence while ensuring quality of care. The size of adult foster care homes is generally much smaller than assisted living facilities, which allows for a more detailed, personal approach to care. Costs are also typically less than assisted living.


Is Adult Foster Care the Best Choice For You?
In the end, this choice comes down to one key question: Does your family member need more help getting through each day than you are able to offer in the home environment?

If the answer is yes, but it’s not at the level where constant medical care is needed, adult foster care is a natural choice for families.

They can live independently, get help in the areas of their lives where they need it, and have staff available to keep them safe and healthy if medical emergencies do arise.


Consider what support your family members in the home can offer, weigh it against the needs of your loved one, and make the best choice for your family. The goal in the end is to offer the best life possible for our loved ones with disabilities, in whatever setting makes that the most possible. What matters most, when all is said and done, is maximizing their safety and well-being.