Coping with Pandemic Stress

The COVID-19 pandemic and its social distance and safety measures may have become our “new normal,” but that doesn’t mean it is any less stressful. Worries about your own health and loved ones’ health, combined with the limitations on activities, can create a very stressful environment indeed.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention points out that everyone reacts to stressful situations differently. The homebody who likes to putter around the house alone is going to react differently to the social butterfly who enjoys group activities. Among those who are more likely to respond strongly to the stress of a crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic are front-line workers – such as many of the staff here at Flatrock – and those with mental health conditions – such as many of our residents.


The CDC also reminds that your mental health can change over time. Which makes that much more important to be conscientious of our own health and those of the people we care for.


A message to our caregivers: With so many people struggling and needing support, it is easy to forget self-care. Please remember to take care of yourselves as well. For your emotional health, keep up with your social connections; and for your physical health rest, eat well and exercise regularly. The CDC provides resources and gives many tips on how to keep and stay healthy during this challenging times.


Know that you are important and crucial during this critical time. We are in this together!