Best Practices to Keep Safe From COVID-19

The amount of positive COVID-19 cases in Michigan is increasing at an exponential pace, up 590 percent since October. Experts predict this winter to be crucial in containing this virus until a safe vaccine is ready and available.


We at Flatrock have not been immune to this virus. Even with best intentions, our group homes have had infections. With the impending holiday season upon us, we need to double down on our efforts to ensure the safety and health of our residents and staff.


Our staff are on the front lines and their efforts are our biggest defense against this virus.  “While our residents live together and have been limiting outside contact since the pandemic began, their caretakers have lives and residences outside our care homes,”said Tiffany Ellis, healthcare manager at Flatrock. “We can’t control what our staff does outside of work,” says Ellis. “We urge staff members keep themselves healthy and to absolutely stay home if someone in their homes comes in contact with the virus.”


Protocol for coming contact with someone who has the coronavirus means limiting contact and testing until the coast it clear. Flatrock has the ability to test and get accurate results within two days. Remember that just because someone is symptom-less doesn’t mean they do not have the virus and can’t pass it on to others.


Flatrock checks residents every two weeks regardless. We are fortunate in that we not only have the ability to test residents and staff when needed, but that we have several homes where we are able to quarantine residents who test positive for the virus.


In the meantime, there are simple, but effective ways to protect yourself from the virus.

  • Wash your hands often. This simple task, if done regularly, is the easiest and best way to stop the transmission of the virus.
  • Wear your mask. This protects you from cough droplets that may contain the virus.
  • Wear gloves and change them often when preparing food or other things that others will touch.  
  • Practice social distancing. Try to stay six feet away from others when possible.


With diligence and mindfulness, we can get through these difficult times safely.