Direct Care Workers are the heart and soul of Flatrock

The experience of residents at Flatrock would not be the same without the friendly faces they interact with every day of their lives in our care homes.

Helping to take care of our Flatrock residents is a tremendous team of workers, including our staff of more than 400 Direct Care Workers.

But what does this job involve, and is it something that might be a good career move for you?

Julian Green is a Flint resident who has worked at Flatrock for more than two years and currently fills the role of Direct Care Worker Lead, leading a team of DCWs as they care for and spend time with the residents in our homes.

“No day is exactly the same,” said Green, who added that the following activities are part of the DCW’s daily routine:
— Activities with residents (karaoke, dancing, card games, etc.)

— Assisting residents with basic daily functions and everyday household tasks, as needed

— Helping with paperwork when needed

“My favorite part about the job Is interacting with the residents,” Julian said. “You get to know the residents from a variety of homes, which helps form relationships.  It’s a 100 percent great feeling that you are there for them and they are improving. They are just looking for someone who can fulfill their safety.”

Carrie Aldrich, COO at Flatrock, said the DCWs and DCW Leads like Julian are the reason Flatrock is able to successfully care for so many families’ loved ones.

“The important work put in by our staff members like Julian, often under difficult circumstances, cannot be overstated,” Aldrich said. “Our team has great energy and provides a positive and enriching experience for our residents, going even beyond what we ask of them.”

Julian said that certain character traits are needed to work at Flatrock as a DCW, but it’s an extremely rewarding experience.

“You have to have patience and a great sense of humor. You’ve got to be firm with yourself, know that you’re ready for it and want to dedicate yourself to taking care of these residents,” he said. “I recommend that people come fill out an application. I recommend them to change their occupation and change a life.“