Essential Workers Continue to Toe the Line

Our essential workers, especially those in the health care field, have had a particularly difficult time these past 18 months working through the COVID-19 virus.  Unlike many of us, they never had the opportunity to work from home, and their jobs on the frontline put them in continual danger. Many were sickened. Many died.


After a short reprieve where it seemed the COVID-19 virus was being contained, its variants are now filling hospitals again. Our essential workers continue to work, and their jobs are difficult, dangerous and very important to our nation’s wellbring.  These workers fight fatigue and anxiety and are overworked due to staff shortages. A World Health Organization’s global study found that overwork is the largest single risk factor for occupational disease and greatly impacts physical and mental health.


What you can do to help:

  • Vaccinate. If you haven’t already, consider getting vaccinated. Those in the hospitals today sick with COVID-19 are overwhelmingly unvaccinated and are overwhelming our essential workers.
  • Practice patience. Be mindful of the importance and difficulty of these workers’ jobs.
  • Help.  If you have a friend of neighbor who is overworked or stressed from their job as an essential worker, help them out by providing a meal, mowing their grass or other gestures that will relieve their burden.


We are in this together.