Job Listings

Core Responsibilities

  • Install structures and fixtures according to specific instructions provided and ensure that all frameworks are properly installed
  • Measure, cut and shape wood, plastic and fiberglass according to provided instructions and construct frameworks such as wall studs and door-frames
  • Repair and maintain structures made from wood including windows, frames and flooring's
  • Inspect buildings and wooden structures to determine need for additions and repair and communicate information to the lead carpenter
  • Repair weather stripping and handle building interior and exterior maintenance work
  • Put up siding and drywall and ensure that scaffolding is properly erected and safely in place
  • Use a variety of hand and power tools to cut and shape wood and fiberglass in addition to properly placing them in desired areas
  • Build counter-tops and handle cabinet and furniture fabrication duties, along with installing metal doors and setting jambs
  • Perform interior renovations by performing repair and maintenance work on furniture and wooden framework

Job Type: Full-time
Salary: $18.00 to $30.00 /hour