Light for Light Hearts

Most people would agree that natural lighting in architectural design is the most aesthetically pleasing option for illuminating space. But did you know it is also the healthiest?


It has been long been established that increased hours of sunlight heighten the brain’s production of serotonin, the “feel-good” hormone. This can alleviate mood disorders especially depression.


In fact, it may even speed healing, as well as decrease hospital stays. A recent study published in the journal US National Library of Medicine even found that hospital patients placed near windows allowing for natural lighting had shorter stays and healed faster than those without that access.


Some artificial lighting, such as fluorescent lamps, can actually adversely affect health. For some people, exposure to artificial fluorescent lighting can trigger epilepsy episodes and migraines.


Flatrock is aware of the value of natural lighting to mental health and strives to exploit this natural resource for the benefit of our residents. Many of our care homes include skylights and abundant large windows to maximize the availability of sunlight. Light colored walls and furnishings can also increase sunlight benefits as darker colors absorb light.


Enjoy the sunshine as our days grow longer and don’t forget the sunscreen!