Mental Health Awareness Month

The arrival of May brings the observance of Mental Health Awareness Month. This year, the National Alliance on Mental Health reinforces the message: “You are Not Alone.”


Every year, millions of Americans are living with a mental illness or care for someone affected by mental illness. Despite the prevalence of mental illness, misunderstanding and stigma are so widespread that those faced with its reality often feel lonely in their journey. The COVID-19 pandemic, and the isolation and stress associated with it, has exacerbated this loneliness for many.


Now, more than ever, we need to find ways to stay connected with our community. At Flatrock, we strive to bring a safe, family-oriented environment to our residents where they feel supported and connected with others. Allowing our residents to express their fears and anxieties in a safe and healthy way is an important step on the path to mental health.


It is also important that our caregivers not forego their own care. Counseling, exercise, and maintaining contact with friends and family are all comforting ways to provide self-care whether you are experiencing mental illness yourself or are affected by caring for those suffering from it.


Sharing our stories about mental illness connects us to one another, dispels loneliness and sheds light on darkness. We are all in this together.