Flatrock Recognizes Its Staff for National Caregivers Day

February 19 is National Caregivers Day, when we recognize those individuals who care for those who need it the most.


At Flatrock, we see firsthand the hard work and heart our caregivers put into their care for our residents. We have staff members who have learned, or are learning, American Sign Language to better communicate with our nonverbal residents.


“This speaks volumes to the commitment of our staff to better serve our residents, “ says Nicholas Burnett, Flatrock CEO.


The courage and compassion of the Flatrock staff was highlighted in its response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Early on, Flatrock supplied correct PPE gear and Burnett and Chief Operating Officer Carrie Aldrich implemented a response plan in case care homes were affected including care homes dedicated to quarantine. “Our staff members stepped up to help in those homes, even those who themselves have lost loved ones to this disease,” Burnett said.


Burnett says outings, events and holidays are special at Flatrock because the staff is enthusiastic and involved: “Our staff members join together as a team to ensure these moments are full of memories for our residents.”


“Their days are often long, but they give the best of themselves every day,” says Burnett. “For everything our caregivers do, we send our heartfelt appreciation and enthusiastic thanks.”