May is National Foster Care Month

In the Oxford English Dictionary, the word “foster” is defined as “to encourage or promote the development of something” and to “bring up.”


That definition is an apt description of Flatrock’s mission in our provision of adult foster care services. Our goal is to encourage our residents to reach their personal goals and develop new skills. We “bring up” our residents to be the best they can be.


For many families and guardians of our residents, the decision to utilize foster care for their loved ones is a difficult one. Some believe it means they have failed to meet the needs of their loved ones and are “giving up.” It is truly the opposite. Garnering foster care is meeting the needs of a loved one when those needs exceed the means of their caregiver. Flatrock provides 24-hour care, a home environment with amenities that are designed for certain disabilities and conditions, and programming that is tailored to individual needs and preferences. Foster care gives our residents the chance to develop and reach their full potential.


We are truly grateful for the honor to foster each of the residents at Flatrock.


Flatrock is family, and your family is ours.