What is Occupational Therapy?

When we hear the term “occupational,” our minds usually goes to jobs, careers and professions. While occupational therapy certainly can aid people in performing their jobs better, this type of therapy isn’t necessarily job-related.


Occupational therapy helps people — regardless of their abilities or age — do the things they want to do (occupations). That can mean helping someone recover from an injury, or supporting those who experience cognitive and physical challenges.


At Flatrock, our occupational therapists help many of our care home residents who have a variety of challenges and goals. While each therapy is based on the individual and so different, the purpose and objective outcome is the same: so they can participate as fully as possible in social, domestic and other activities. This is achieved through skill improvement, re-engagement and enhancement; as well as prevention of barriers. It involves a holistic approach involving cognitive, physical, environmental and emotional factors.


Occupational therapy is just one great example the ways that Flatrock strives for each of our residents to reach their full potential.