What Makes a Home?

A house or apartment may be a home, but a home is not just a physical structure. Yes, we need shelter from the elements. But a “home” also means comfort and a soft place to fall, which is what we offer to our care home residents at Flatrock.


Interestingly, a study from Professor Rosie Cox, Geography and Gender Studies at Birkbeck College, University of London, that appeared in Science Daily finds that the “perfect” part of home for people is actually its imperfections. We assume that people want very robust homes, but it’s putting their stamp on a less-than-perfect home that seems to make it their own. DIY projects seem to cement ownership of a home.


Habitat for Humanity Canada initiated an essay writing contest on the “Meaning of Home.” Here is an excerpt from the 2020 Grand Prize winner, Ines, grade four, from Toronto:


Everyone deserves a home.

A place that they can call their own

A place where they take risks and explore


A place where they feel safe and where hope

Never ends.

Everyone deserves a home just like mine!


We couldn’t have said it better!